The search for the right one 2/3

Finding my soulmate bag to accommodate me at my urban photography tours hasn’t been at all easy. This entry is about why I ended up getting an all-purpose messenger bag, rather than buying a purpose designed.

Former part of this article… The criteria for new bag

Searching for the right one

These criteria’s disqualified many good bags, they were either way to small, way too big, too flashy spelling out lowepro, or vintage leather millionaire J. The closets camera bag to fulfill the criteria was the lowepro messenger, a bag that I had an eye on for a long time, it had the features that I was looking for, yet it lacked that total anonymity which I find so compelling and the price was somewhat higher than what I found justifiably expensive for a bag.

I tried different options like the sling bag, and quickly found that comfort was a major factor, that the sling bag clearly didn’t have. It was tough on the shoulder, and didn’t provide fast accessibility to my equipment, without having to unmount a million straps. Then there was the security, having it on my back accessible to anyone but me, didn’t fall to my liking. I wanted to be able to carry it in a crowded metro without having to fear for thieves. Nor having to cramping on to it, almost yelling at thieves that I was carrying something valuable.

Frustrated I started to look elsewhere for bags, maybe the solution for me wasn’t amount the traditional brands. A rainy day in town I met her, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, rain pouring down, I was there in town unprotected, and there she was, dark in tones, interesting, right there in front of me “R&D Messenger Bag black” from Peak Performance. She might not be everything that I wanted but it was close.

The thing that caught my eyes was its size, for me, small is essential yet with a volume that can hold. The bag has enough volume for a 14mm f/2.8 Samyang, my 135mm f/1.4 Samyang and my 24-70 f/2.8 CZT. At times I exchange the 135mm with my 80-200 HS APO f/2.8. This bag easily can hold fit three lenses inside along with my Sony Alpha A99V.

The bag allows me to be pretty anonymous in my photography, it doesn’t scream “I’m a camera bag, steal me”. There’s nothing to give away the fact that this is anything but a small personal bag. What I could have wished for was separators to keep your camera and lenses from knocking against each other. However, it has tons of small interior pocket for wires, filters, cable releases, etc. There’s a second pocket on the back, and it fits a powerful laptop.

One detail I particularly like is the extra covers in the corners, it adds to durability but also to keep the bag sealed.

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