How to clean a fingerprint/smudge on the EVF


Dust and finger prints can be really troublesome to get away from your Electronic View Finder (EVF). If possible I do prefer using a Giotto Rocket blower to rid it of dust, however fingerprints can be more troublesome. First I tried with a microfiber cloth, but I found it difficult to get into the nooks and crannies of the sides of the viewfinder with a cloth. It didn’t went much better with the parts of the EVF that I was able to reach with the cloth, the grease from the fingerprints just seemed to smear out rather than being removed.

What I found was that a wet cleaning was needed, by using a very small amount of Isopropyl 99% Alcohol and some cotton swaps I was able to clean the EVF. Isopropyl can leave a small film on your EVF, so use very small amounts and dry it up before it vapors. You should NEVER use Ammonia, as it is harmful and can dissolve coatings.


Materials Needed:

  • Air Blower (I recommend the Giotto Large Rocket Air Blower)
  • Isopropyl 99% Alcohol
  • Cotton swabs


The steps to a cleaner EVF

At first, use air blower to remove dust from the glass. This is done to avoid accidently scratching the glass, should it turn out there is sand grains on your EVF. Drop a small droplet of Isopropyl on cotton swab a, you want to be using as little as possible. Ever so gently and with light circular motions, rub away the grease and dirt from the viewfinder with the swab. Mind the edges, they can take Patience to reach. Before the Isopropyl vapors, use a clean cotton swab to remove the dirty solution. This step is very important otherwise you will have to repeat the process to remove the small film the Isopropyl can leave behind. Again have Patience, be prepared to repeat the steps 2-4 times. Remember to use new swab until viewfinder is free of any grease and dirt. Finish off with air blower to completely dry the viewfinder and remove any remains from the cotton swabs.


Do remember to read my blog on cleaning the sensor.

4 thoughts on “How to clean a fingerprint/smudge on the EVF

  1. Good tips!
    However, there’s a nasty mistake in the sentence about ammonia. ‘You definitely do NOT want to avoid ammonia’ really should be either ‘You do NOT want to USE ammonia’ or ‘You should AVOID ammonia’ or rather: You should NEVER USE AMMONIA’. (As it stands now, it sounds like a recommendation of ammonia, which is absolutely not what you wanted to say)

    1. Aye, I will fix that right away.. thanks for pointing it out

  2. I’ve found that the Lenspen micro works well for cleaning the A7 viewfinder. Just need to watch the amount of pressure you apply.

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