Maintenance on your Sony Alpha A99V

No matter how careful you are with your camera, you will eventually get dust on your sensor. Sony can only approve one method of cleaning performed by customers, which is using a manual, rubber air blower (rocket blower), other methods carries a risk of damaging your camera.

Detecting Dust

The easists way to find your dust spots is taking a photo of a uniform surface or the sky, and bringing this photo into camera raw. This example is from a sunny day, with plenty uniform surfaces, and it illustrates how to see the dust dead easy in camera raw.


When taking the test image, make sure your camera is on its smallest apature (F/22)


Wet Swipe Method

I got this Method from Gary Plummer, he says is the recommendations about being overly careful about the sensor is somewhat exaggerated, not that you want to be careless, but its a fairly easy procedure.

how to clean alpha SLT A99V

The swipes used is the ….
10x Sensor Cleaner Cleaning Swab Kit CMOS CCD DDR-23 for Full Frame Camera DC581

You will need some isopropyl 99% as well. In Denmark you can get it at Matas.

There is great video showing the full procedure. My Experience with this method, is that you easily gets to use to much isopropyl. This will leave a noticeable film on your sensor. To avoid this, use a clean swipe afterwards to dry the sensor of.


Sensor Gel Stick Method


3 thoughts on “Maintenance on your Sony Alpha A99V

  1. Great article Jørgen (Y) I’d just like to add a note about the Gel stick method. If you get gel sticks make sure you get high quality ones as some of the cheap knock off brands can and will leave a further residue on the sensor that takes a lot of pressure with wet wipes to remove from the sensor. I tried cheap gel sticks once with my A37 and have never used them again! Wet wipes with swabs allways does the trick for me when the blower does not remove all of thye dust 🙂

    1. Good comment Gary, I got the

      I saw it in action and was impressed with it.

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