The food experience


I am facing this reminder every time we travel south, and I ask myself why we put up with it.

Going into any super market in Denmark, and America for that sake, and you’re guaranteed to come across promises of salt-, sugar-, and fat-laden goodness. Fancy marketing replaces any sort sense for quality, with false promises of heath and low price reality we end up with Feelings of guilt and a waistline that never shrinks. Shopping seems to be something that has to be done with, and probably fast. The result of what you get in the basket is less important as long as we think it’s cheap, trust me… it is not.

In many of the dinners I attend to I hear people talking about Organic food to a point where I get sick of it. Organic food in my views is just another marketing concept, delivering the same low quality foods, with the false promise that it has been produced in a sustainable way.

What we really want is products grown and produced with love and care. We need shopping experiences that involves the family, and is a part of food preparation; do take the time you got a whole life of it.


This photo series is trying to communicate the feelings at the market Saint Rafael, remember the favors; the taste is something you will have to go find yourself.


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